DeBakey Scholars Program

female researcher in laboratory

Tulane University School Medicine has instituted a mentored research program for incoming medical students entitled “The DeBakey Scholars Program." The program offers medical students the opportunity to pursue and complete a longitudinal structured, closely supervised research experience culminating in a capstone presentation prior to graduation. Only those students who meet specified selection criteria with an appropriate commitment to participate in an on-going research experience will be chosen for the program.

Medical students accepted into this voluntary program will be given the designation “DeBakey Scholar Candidate."

The DeBakey Scholars Program is aimed at fostering self-directed, life-long learning. Medical students will do an in-depth scholarly project in an academic area of interest related to medicine or health care under the close mentorship of a faculty member.


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Program Director
Derek Pociask, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine - Pulmonary