Interdisciplinary PhD Program

What Makes Tulane's Program Unique?

Tulane’s Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Sciences takes an interdisciplinary approach to graduate education and research. There are many ways to shape your Tulane experience to fit your needs and career goals, and our program has an array of options to accelerate, customize, and enrich your education and, ultimately, your career. The program is dynamic, giving you an array of controls that allows you to heavily customize your experience here to suit you.

All PhD students receive a full tuition waiver,  paid health insurance and a stipend of approximately $35,000 per year for the entire duration of the program, usually between four and seven years.Read More

Students complete all course requirements in their first two years. Core courses including Advanced Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Human Molecular Genetics, Biostatistics and Systems Biology, which along with Basic Science electives provide a broad foundation for future research. More than one hundred scientists from Basic Science and Clinical Departments and School Of Medicine Centers participate fully in the BMS program. Students have ample opportunities to match with one of these scientists by conducting at least three lab rotations in their first year prior to selecting their Dissertation Advisor. A funded rotation prior to classes begin in August is optional. Finally, you get to study in perhaps the most unique city in the United States – New Orleans

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