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Office of Graduate Medical Education

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For those who may not know me or my background, I’m Paul Gladden. I’ve been an Associate Professor with the School of Medicine since 2009, the Orthopedic Residency Director since 2011, and the Assistant Dean for GME since 2019. Recently, as I think you know, I was asked to become the DIO and Associate Dean.

I want to give you my perspective on the ACGME probation, and the challenges we face on EDI. And I want to give you a sense of my personal priorities in this new role.

I want to start with a comment on communications. I’ve heard from many of you that our communications efforts to date on the ACGME action have been unsatisfactory. I agree. We’ve been too slow, and going forward, we will make it a priority to streamline and expand our communications efforts.

In response to questions about the implications of the probation decision, we’ve reassured everyone that the School of Medicine and all residency and fellowship programs remain accredited. This is absolutely true, but our answer shouldn’t stop there. I’m concerned that this statement may leave some with the impression that we are minimizing the meaning of this action. That would be a mistake. The action by the ACGME is important.  Being on probation is unacceptable.

Our school is strong and our programs are accredited and we are not looking to minimize what’s happened in any way. It’s a warning shot to us that we need to do a much better job on EDI issues and the oversight of our GME programs.


Our clear goal must be to be a true leader, a beacon of hope in our community and the nation for decency, respect and inclusion. This is why I accepted the position as DIO. And you have my word that this is my priority every day.


I’m committing to be back to you every two weeks with an update on our progress. Sometimes it may be very brief. Other times I will have more to say. But whatever the situation, you will hear my views.

I also know I will continue to hear from you. I welcome your perspective and suggestions.


Paul Gladden
Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education and DIO (Designated Institutional Official for ACGME)

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The Office of Graduate Medical Education is responsible for ensuring that all residents and fellows at Tulane University School of Medicine are provided an accredited educational experience of the highest quality.