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The Student Experience

Outside of the classroom, TUSOM students have an opportunity to become involved in a variety of opportunities and experiences.  From a student’s physical and mental well-being to enhancing their academic experience and their career, TUSOM supports their students throughout their medical education journey. These experiences allow students to continue to follow the passions they had before they started medical school and help develop leadership, embrace inclusion, and assist with the development of the competence needed to provide exceptional clinical care and service to the community.  Below, we hope to provide a snapshot of the richness of our students' lives and their experiences here at TUSOM. 




T1 Year: It Don't Make No Sense (Tulane School of Medicine Parody of "Finesse")


Student Testimonials

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In their own words, "Why did you decide to come to TUSOM?

Adam Robinson, MDAdam Robinson, Class of 2026 "Everyone gets along and tries to help each other out.  That is something that I value a lot"


Emily McGee, MDEmily McGee, Class of 2026 "I absolutely love the city and I love how Tulane is very noncompetitive.  The environment seems very supportive"


Sage TeasleySage Teasley, Class of 2026 "I applied to a lot of medical schools, but after the interview day, I knew this was the right fit for me"


Christian Walker, MDChristian Walker, Class of 2026 "With their student run clinics, I knew Tulane cared about its community"


In their own words, "What are you most looking forward to?

Emily McGee, MDEmily McGee, Class of 2026 "I like that Tulane lets you work in clinics pretty early, so I am excited about that"


Sage TeasleySage Teasley, Class of 2026 "Learning how to serve and getting involved with the New Orleans community in a different way"


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Ask a Medical Student

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