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Tulane Sim Center Mission

The mission of the Tulane Center for Advanced Medical Simulation and Team Training is to develop training to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare, improve education, reduce medical error to improve patient safety, allow for multidisciplinary research, provide an environment for healthcare development and set a standard for national education, training and certification.

Our Credo

Keep scenarios confidential, so others may also learn. Debriefing is not personal, it's part of learning, open up and share, it's kept private. Treat others with respect. Staff, faculty, facilitators, and learners are here to do our best every day. Speak up when you have concerns, we are here to support everyone equally and maximize your learning. Our collective goals: increase knowledge, improve skill, achieve patient safety.

Director's Message

January 2020 saw the completion of 11 years of advanced medical simulation. Through the end of 2019, the Tulane Sim Center trained 50,815 learners in 2,778 courses with 1,510 providing summative assessments, and with 11% of sessions utilizing standardized patients for hybrid simulation.

We are well into our 12th year of operations and plan to not only continue with our current simulation curriculums, but consistently add more education and assessments for all levels of medical students, residents, fellows, and practicing healthcare professionals. To continue and propel us beyond our previous record of achievement, we have added two new Medical Directors for Simulation, who will support faculty course directors in simulation curriculum planning, execution, and both formative and summative assessments. 

Dr. Ben Rothwell is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics and will work with all levels of learners in medical specialties. Dr. Carlos Galvani is the Chief of the Division of Minimally Invasive Surgery and will work with all levels of learners in surgical specialties. Additionally, they will support the overall leadership and strategic planning for the future of the Tulane Sim Center. Dr. Chrissy Guidry also supports the Tulane Sim Center as the Medical Director for the ATLS program, one of the busiest ATLS programs in the U.S.

Our professional level portfolio of courses has grown over our 12 years and include many certifications, including, ACLS, BLS, PALS, NRP, FES, FLS, EMT-B, PHTLS, ATLS, and TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer courses. With the support of our Medical Directors, we plan to grow our Tulane portfolio of curriculums to more specialties and more assessments. 

We also welcome any custom course ideas and never turn down an opportunity to work with any healthcare group to improve training and education and positively impact your patient safety efforts. Reach out to us to partner.

Jennifer Calzada, MA, MPH
Director for Simulation


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