Sim Center AHA Training - Instructor Forms

Click on the links below to download the forms.  PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OLDER VERSIONS OF THESE FORMS.  Doing so may result in being asked to resubmit your paperwork.  If you need a form that is not available on this page, please contact us - Main Phone: 504-988-9150

All forms should be sent to the following addresses and numbers.  Sending the forms to any other address will result in a delay in your paperwork being processed.

Tulane Simulation Center
1430 Tulane Ave #8040
New Orleans LA 70112

FAX: 504-988-9151


Need to order supplies?

AHA Course Supplies Order Form

Instructor Forms

Instructor Alignment Agreement

Potential Letter

New Card Request Form

Renewal Card Request Form

Instructor Monitoring Form
*** Please note that BLS instructors can only be monitored by TRAINING CENTER FACULTY or REGIONAL FACULTY MEMBERS and ACLS/PALS instructors can only be monitored by TRAINING CENTER FACULTY OR REGIONAL FACULTY MEMBERS AND COURSE DIRECTORS. If you have any questions please contact us.***

Records Transfer Request

BLS Course Evaluation Form

ACLS Course Evaluation Form

PALS Course Evaluation Form


BLS Roster

ACLS Roster

PALS Roster

Heartsaver Roster 

CPR for Family and Friends Roster

Heartcode Skills Session Roster

Additional Roster Pages 

Course Testing Checklists

BLS Skills Checklist (Adult)

BLS Skills Checklist (Infant)

Heartsaver CPR AED Skills Checklist

Heartsaver First Aid Skills Checklist

ACLS CPR/AED Checklist

ACLS Airway Management Checklist

ACLS Scenarios 1-3-8 Checklist

ACLS Scenarios 2-5 Checklist

ACLS Scenarios 4-7-10 Checklist

ACLS Scenarios 6-11 Checklist

ACLS Scenario 9 Checklist

ACLS Scenario 12 Checklist



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