Sim Center HeartCode BLS

HeartCodeTM BLS is an interactive, self-directed training course that meets all requirements of the American Heart Association BLS Course. HeartCode BLS includes all exams required for the successful completion of the BLS curriculum.

BLS certification in two steps:
  • At any location with Internet access and on your own schedule, successfully complete the Part 1 cognitive portion, including patient scenarios and multiple choice exam.
  • At the Tulane Sim Center, any scheduled time during business hours, successfully complete the Part 2 skills test administered by a voice-assisted manikin system.
  • Receive your new AHA BLS Provider card immediately upon successful completion of Part 2.

HeartCode BLS includes: BLS lessons, two interactive patient scenarios, one adult and one infant case and the full text of the AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers Manual.

HeartCode BLS offers an alternative to traditional classroom courses.

  • HeartCode allows you to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule.
  • HeartCode includes instant feedback and debriefing.

See the Laerdal HeartCode BLS brochure, here.

View a video demo of the cognitive, online for Part 1.  

View a video demo of a skills check on a voice-assisted manikin for Part 2.

Price: $90

Contact the Tulane Sim Center to get started on HeartCode BLS today! 504-988-9150 or

The American Heart Association strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in BLS, ACLS and PALS and has developed instructional materials for this purpose. Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the American Heart Association. Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees needed for AHA course materials, do not represent income to the Association.



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