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Psychiatry Adult - Faculty

Assistant Professor
John W. Thompson, MD
Chair and Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Director of Forensic Neuropsychiatry

Paul Kirwin, MD
Vice Chair and Professor of Psychiatry
Chief of Psychiatry Service, Southeast Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System

Gayle R. Pletsch, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry;
Director, Psychiatry Training Program

Kiana A. Andrew
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Child and Adolescent, Adult, and Forensic Psychiatrist

Jose Artecona, MD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Sarah Deland MD
Assistant Professor of Adult Psychiatry & Forensic Neurospychiatry
Assistant Professor Psychiatry & Behavioral Science
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Director of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry

Vinnie Khunkhun, MD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Benjamin Lowenburg, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Psychiatry Training Program

Gina Manguno-Mire, PhD
Associate Professor, Forensic Division
Prog. Dir. of Tulane Internal Medicine & Psychiatry Residency
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Leszek Michalewicz MD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Patrick O'Neill, MD
Vice Chair for Adult Psychiatry
Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

Professor of Adult Psychiatry
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
George Singletary, MD
Assistant Professor of Addiction Medicine
Associate Program Director-Addiction Medicine Fellowship, Tulane University

Ashley Smith, LCSW-BACS, ACSW
Asst. Prof. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Prog. Dir., Forensic Sexual Offender Assessment & Treatment

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Assistant Clinical Director, Eastern Louisiana Mental Health System, East Division

Assistant Professor, Adult Psychiatry and Forensic Neuropsychiatry
Taylor Terrebonne, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
L. Lee Tynes, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Clinical Assistant Professor of General Internal Medicine