Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program


The Tulane Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program aims to train healers. We recruit diverse and adaptable residents eager to master both the science and art of medicine while caring for the vibrant, diverse and adaptable people of New Orleans. Our residents are advocates, leaders, thinkers and educators who embrace the challenges inherent in working in an under-resourced system and strive to provide community-engaged, evidence-based, and person-centered medical care from the moment of birth through the end of life.

Tulane Med-Peds is not for everyone. Our residents move between multiple healthcare systems with different EMRs, faculty, and patient populations. They are witnesses to health disparities which they too often lack the resources to address. At times they are faced with the threat of severe weather events. 

Being a resident here requires resilience and flexibility. The same can be said of living in New Orleans, a city that sits below sea level in Hurricane Alley, where disparities are widespread and progress is slow. Fortunately for our residents, there are no better teachers in the arts of resilience, flexibility and living in the moment than their patients.

house decorated as a Mardi Gras float The people of New Orleans possess an indomitable spirit; they know not only how to enjoy life at its best, but also how to find joy in the midst of despair. When Mardi Gras parades were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, locals turned their houses into floats.

Even funerals are a time for celebration: during what is known as a jazz funeral, the band plays a funeral dirge until the deceased is laid to rest, at which point the band picks up the tempo and a celebratory dance begins. Second-line parades are a Sunday tradition in the city born out of jazz funerals, and entire neighborhoods shut down to dance in the streets. Training as a Tulane Med-Peds resident provides the unparalleled opportunity to care for and learn from this vibrant and unique community.

New Orleans Jazz Funeral

To thrive here, residents must embrace uncertainty and challenges, and find meaning in immersing themselves in the unique rhythm of this city and its people. If our mission to provide comprehensive and contextualized medical care to the unique and vibrant people of New Orleans resonates with you, we would love the opportunity to tell you more about what it means to be a Tulane Med-Peds resident.