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RNAscope Technology is now at Tulane

RNAscope represents a major advance in RNA-ISH procedures with its proprietary probe design to amplify target-specific signals but not background noise from non-specific hybridization. Learn More.

Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core - JBJ 652

The Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core Lab has the most updated cell sorter that Becton-Dickinson has produced, the FACS Melody, and a Beckman-Coulter Galios analyzer. The FACS Melody cell sorter has a Windows 10 based operating system running FACSChorus software, and has 3 lasers and 9 fluorescent detectors giving it the ability to detect and sort most of the commercially available flow cytometry reagents. The Beckman-Coulter Galios analyzer has 2 lasers and 8 detectors allowing for fast and accurate analyses of samples.

The Core offers assistance with staining all types of cells, and offers Apoptosis and Cell Cycle assays which include staining and data interpretations.  Alan Tucker, BSMT (ASCP), who has over 20 years’ experience running this core, is also available to consult with investigators to help with the planning their experiments at no charge.

May 3, 2021


Contact Information
Alan Tucker+1 -504-988-7741


Pricing: $100.00 per hour with a 30-minute minimum.

Histology Core - JBJ 652

The Histology Facility at TUHSC Center for Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine Department offers a core laboratory available for all researchers interested in quality frozen or paraffin embedded tissues.  With high quality work, reliable service, quick turnaround time and competitive pricing, this lab will make a difference where you send your valuable tissues. With over 21 years experience, we are committed to continue setting the standard of excellence in the services we provide. Call or stop by the lab anytime to discuss ways in which we can assist in your ongoing or future histological needs. 


Contact Information
Dina Gaupp+1 -504-988-1194



The chart below lists some of the services we provide along with its corresponding cost recovery fee.

Histology Service Request
Cost Recovery Fee

Cryoembed: OCT embedding media


Frozen Section: Unstained Slide

$6.50 /slide

Frozen Section: H&E Stain


Frozen Section: Special Stain*


Precut Frozen Slide: H&E Stain


Precut Frozen Slide: Special Stain


Paraffin Process and Embed Tissue Specimen Only


Paraffin Sectioning Only: Unstained Slide + Slide


Paraffin Sectioning Only: Unstained Gold + Slide


Paraffin Sectioning Only: H&E Stain


Paraffin Sectioning Only: Special Stain*


Precut Paraffin Slide: H&E Stain


Precut Paraffin Slide: Special Stain*


IHC Stain(one Ab/slide)


IHC Stain (two Abs/slide)


IHC/ISH Workup of an Unknown Ab(wkup a protocol)


Detailed Illustration of Orientation**

$25.00 Min.

Consultation Fee – Minimum of one hour


100 Slide Box

$15.00 each

25 & 12 Slide Box

$ 10.00 each

Slide Folder

$15.00 each

Tissue Cassettes

$0.75 each

Biopsy wraps or pads

$0.25 each

Rush Fee - literally drop what we are doing & start working on your project immediately

50% Added to Total Cost