THRCE Core Facilities


Molecular, Imaging & Analytical

The Molecular, Imaging, and Analytical Core facility contributes greatly to the research projects conducted by the THRCE & COBRE investigators and provides a comprehensive service for molecular biology, imaging and biochemistry support. This facility serves as the resource to instruments and equipment needed to perform advanced molecular biology, semi-quantitative immuno-histochemistry and bio-analytical experiments, and support training of junior faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate and medical students in the areas of physiology, hypertension and cardiovascular and renal diseases.

Phenotype Core

The Mouse Phenotyping Core Facility offers:

  • 24-hour hemodynamic and activity monitoring by radio telemetry system.
  • Blood pressure determinations by plethysmography.
  • Single-mouse metabolic cages study.
  • Renal functional experiments (clearance experiments)
  • Renal Nerve activity recording
  • Echocardiography

Hypertension & Kidney Research Laboratory

The department's primary activities focus on conducting research on behalf of the Tulane School of Medicine. Additionally, the CORE provides opportunities for graduate and medical students to conduct their own studies under the mentorship of CORE faculty and technical assistance provided by staff.

Pictured above, from left to right, Dr. Rumana Hassan, Dr. Xiao Li, Dr. Liang Zhang, student researcher, Mr. Jason Li, Dr. Ana Leite, and Dr. Jia Zhuo. Investigators of the Hypertension and Kidney Laboratory take a quick break from their research for a group picture, but are masked due to COVID-19. 

Not pictured is Ninoshka (Nino) Mendonca, a 2nd year medical school student at Tulane University who is interested in biomedical research on the roles of angiotensin II in mediating mitochondrial dysfunction in hypertension and kidney diseases using mouse and human proximal tubule cells.