Hong Liu, PhD

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Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
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School of Medicine
Hong Liu, PhD


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Our goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms of chromosome segregation.

Aneuploidy is one of the hallmarks in cancer cells. It is known to promote the development of cancer. A major cause of aneuploidy is derived from chromosome missegregation in mitosis. Therefore, a better understanding of the mechanisms of proper chromosome segregation will help decipher the underlying causes of cancer and provide theoretical bases for clinical applications.

To ensure proper chromosome segregation, spindle microtubules must be attached to kinetochores, multi-protein complexes that are assembled on the centromere, a specialized DNA sequence on a chromosome. In addition, the centromere is the site where cohesion is established to link two sister chromatids together, which is essential for proper chromosome segregation. Thus, the centromere is the hub for orchestration of chromosome segregation. Using human cell culture, we are currently studying the following mechanisms that govern chromosome segregation: 1) How is centromeric cohesion protected and de-protected during mitosis? 2) How are stable kinetochore-microtubule interactions achieved during mitosis? 3) What are the functions of centromeric transcription and how is it regulated?



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Before 2016 (Selected)

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Understanding how chromosome instability contributes to aging and aging-related diseases.