Valerie Holliday, PhD, MA

Associate Professor of Philosophy at Baton Rouge Community College

Adjunct Instructor
School of Medicine


Dr. Holliday received her Master of Arts in Philosophy in 1992 and her Ph.D. in English Literature in 2005 from Louisiana State University. Her principal interest is in continental philosophy, particularly evolutions in the 20th century, including phenomenology, deconstruction, structuralism and existentialism. Her dissertation applies psychoanalytic and Marxist analyses to conspiracy theories in 20th century American literature, film, and television. While narrative is the object of study, Holliday has found the most productive conversations lie in the critical study and application of theories to all structures. Over the course of a 15-year academic career, Holliday has observed that theories are ethical objects; the theories that we choose to apply to problems and questions represent and evoke our most fundamental sets of values. Dr. Holliday has served as an associate professor of philosophy, English and film and has served as an academic administrator at Miami Dade College, Baton Rouge Community College, and Tulane University School of Medicine. She has taught bioethics for about eight years, both online and in the classroom; she currently teaches writing at Delgado Community College and philosophy at Baton Rouge Community College. She also currently serves as an adjunct instructor at Tulane University School of Medicine.

  • Continental Philosophy
  • Phenomenology
  • Deconstruction
  • Structuralism
  • Existentialism