Asif Anwar, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine

Section of Cardiology
School of Medicine
Asif Anwar, MD

Areas of Expertise

Nuclear Imaging
General Cardiology


Asif Anwar, MD joined the Tulane University Heart and Vascular Institute after a series of positions in cardiology, both in the United States and abroad. Dr. Anwar was born in Germany, received primary schooling in Morocco, Pakistan and Switzerland before earning his BS from the College Rigot and his MD from the University of Geneva, both in Geneva, Switzerland. After completing fellowships at Geneva University Cantonal Hospital, Hôpital d'Aigle and Saint-Luc Hospital, Dr. Anwar did further post-graduate work at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia and at St-Loup Hospital in Switzerland

Dr. Anwar has played a major role in Tulane’s research efforts, authoring over 20 articles. His main research interests are the role of IGF-1 and its binding proteins in vascular growth in normal and diseased states, as well as in diabetes and congestive heart failure, cytokine and kemokine regulation of IGF-1 and IGFBPs and heart failure

Languages spoken (beyond English)
Fluent in French, English and Urdu
Knowledge of German and Portuguese

Certifications and Memberships

  • 1984: Swiss Medical Licensure. Diplôme Fédéral de Médecin, University of Geneva. Switzerland
  • 1984: Certificate in Tropical Medicine; Thesis: “Tinea, scalp ringworm", University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • 1992: Certificate in clinical epidemiology, Geneva University Cantonal Hospital, Switzerland
  • 1992: Georgia Medical License (USA)
  • 1996: EKG Certification, Dr W.Hurst, Emory University, Atlanta. USA
  • 1999: Swiss medical licensure (FMH)
  • Swiss cardiology licensure (FMH)
  • 2002: Member of the Vaudoise Society of Medicine (SVM)
  • Swiss Society of Internal Medicine (SSMI)
  • Swiss Society of Cardiology (SSC)
  • 2003: Swiss medical licensure renewal (FMH)
  • 2007: Swiss medical licensure renewal (FMH)