Bapi Pahar, DVM, MVSc, PhD, MBA

Associate Professor

Division of Comparative Pathology
(985) 871-6504
School of Medicine


Dr. Pahar is an Associate Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tulane University School of Medicine. He contributes to the mission of the TNPRC by being involved in education and training activities with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. He also has exceptional skills in flow cytometry and immunology and is a collaborator with many Core and Affiliate Scientists. His research interests focus on the understanding infectious disease pathogenesis (including SIV/HIV, Tuberculosis, Measles, Lyme Disease, West Nile and Herpes Simplex virus), specifically in studying the role of T and B cell responses in the early phase of infection and in the preclinical development of vaccines using macaque model. He has a broad background in cellular and humoral immunology, virology and has over 18 years of experience with adult and infant macaque models. As a postdoctoral fellow in University of California-Davis and then Tulane, he carried out several infectious disease pathogenesis and vaccine studies that provided important information towards understanding the mechanism of the disease induced cellular dysfunction and their role in modulating cellular and humoral immune responses. More recently he has developed a research program focusing on the importance of intestinal epithelial stem cells and its role in regulating epithelial regeneration and maintaining epithelial barrier.

He had served as manager of the Flow Cytometry Core in the Division of Immunology, and presently belongs to the Division of Comparative Pathology at TNPRC. He has received several NIH grants and served as a principal investigator/Co-Investigator/Project manager in several NIH funded projects. He has published more than 60 peer-reviewed scientific articles. Dr. Pahar has extensive educational and hands-on-research experience with numerous techniques for vaccine and drug discovery while excelling in team-oriented environments that expect a high level of dedication and project management. Dr. Pahar possesses a passion for research and data manipulation along with strong critical thinking and project development skills.


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