Monica E. Embers, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Divison of Immunology

Tulane National Primate Research Center
(985) 871-6607
School of Medicine
Monica E. Embers, PhD


Borrelia burgdorferi and Lyme disease specializes in animal models and is centered around three major efforts: (1) identifying treatments that can eradicate B. burgdorferi infection; (2) identification of Lyme disease spirochetes in human tissues; and (3) immunodiagnosis for B. burgdorferi infection and cure. The first research goal is to use animal models of persistent infection to evaluate new therapeutic strategies.  The second goal is to evaluate humans for persistent infection with B. burgdorferi. The third goal is to develop a quantitative multi-antigen test that expands detection limits and helps to distinguish persistent infection from clinical cure.   By transmitting Lyme disease to mice and nonhuman primates by tick, and studying the natural course of infection, her group hopes to facilitate a better understanding of the clinical quandaries of human Lyme disease, including effective diagnosis and treatment. Projects in her lab also involve Bartonella, the causality of dementia, studies on the tick vector, and bed bugs.