Robert V. Blair, PhD, DVM, DACVP

Assistant Professor

Office Address
18703 Three Rivers Road Covington, Louisiana 70433
School of Medicine
Robert V Blair, PhD, DVM, DACVP

Education & Affiliations

BS, University of Central Florida
DVM, Veterinary Medicine, Louisiana State University
PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies, Tulane University School of Medicine


Primary Research Interests

Dr. Blair contributes to the mission of the TNPRC primarily by serving as a research pathologist responsible for interpretation of necropsy, biopsy and clinical pathology findings on research and colony animals. As an ACVP Board Certified pathologist, he is vital to our training mission. Dr. Blair holds weekly training and general pathology sessions for veterinary students/residents. Since completing his Ph.D. through the T32 program, he has taken an active role in management of the T32 training program here at the center. Dr. Blair has also been involved in collaborative research projects including SIV, CMV, zika virus, tuberculosis, and Lyme disease. Dr. Blair is interested in applying computer based methodologies to quantify histopathologic lesions to better characterize and compare animal disease models. 

Dr. Blair is the Co-Director of the T32 Institutional Training Program at the Tulane National Primate Research Center. 


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