Di Tian, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Pathology | Neuropathologist

Director of Neuropathology, Molecular Pathology, Autopsy and Histology Laboratory
School of Medicine
Di Tian, MD, PhD

Education & Affiliations

MD, Medicine, Beijing Medical University, Beijing P.R. China 07/1992
PhD, Neuroscience, Northwestern University, Chicago IL 05/1998
Resident, Anatomical Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston MA 06/2002
Fellow, Neuropathology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston MA 06/2004
Postdoc, Molecular Genetics, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston MA 01/2010
Postdoc, Neuroscience, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA 03/2012


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As a physician-scientist, Dr. Tian is interested in: 1) molecular diagnosis of brain tumors, 2) sleep regulation, and 3) autism spectrum disorders