Russell Van Dyke, MD

Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

Section Chief, Pediatrics Infectious Diseases
Office Address
1440 Canal Street, Rm. 1600, New Orleans, LA 70112
School of Medicine

Education & Affiliations

M.D., Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Pediatric Residency, University of California, San Diego San Diego, California.
Fellowship in Pediatric Infectious Diseases University of California, San Diego, San Diego, California. Laboratory of Dr. James Connor

Areas of Expertise

Pediatrics Infectious Diseases


• Antiviral chemotherapy and antiviral sensitivity testing.
• Rapid viral diagnosis.
• Immunologic response to respiratory syncytial virus infection.
• The development of human monoclonal antibodies to respiratory syncytial virus and their
use in prevention and modification of infection.
• The epidemiology, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of human immunodeficiency virus
infections in children. The pathogenesis of the vertical transmission of HIV.
• The epidemiology and prevention of HTLV-1 and HTLV-II infections.
• The epidemiology and outcomes of children and youth with perinatal HIV infection


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