Yilin Yoshida, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Medicine

School of Medicine

Education & Affiliations

Post Doctoral Fellow, Chronic Disease Epidemiology, University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine, MO
PhD, Behavioral and Community Health Sciences (major) and Epidemiology (minor), Louisiana State University School of Public Health, New Orleans, Louisiana
MPH, Global Community Health Sciences, Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, New Orleans, LA


Dr. Yilin Yoshida is a diabetes epidemiologist with a training background in community health sciences and clinical epidemiology. Dr. Yoshida’s research seeks to understand sex-based biological and gender-based psychosocial and behavioral mechanisms driving diabetes prevention, management, and outcomes.

Dr. Yoshida’s current projects examining mechanisms underlying women’s excess cardiovascular risk in diabetes have been funded by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Faculty Development Award and the Centers for Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) for Sex-Based Precision Medicine at Tulane. Dr. Yoshida’s laboratory has also been partly sponsored by the NIH, the American Heart Association (AHA), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Louisiana Clinical & Translational Science Center (LA CaTS). 

Dr. Yoshida is a fellow of the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (SSCI). She is a past scholar of the NIH K12 Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health (BIRCWH) Program at Tulane and a podium speaker at the 2022 BIRCWH Annual Meeting. Dr. Yoshida was a recipient of several awards for research excellence in areas of diabetes and women’s cardiometabolic health, including the Young Investigator Award from the ADA, the Best Abstract Award from the ADA Epidemiology and Public Health Interest Group, the Sandra A. Daugherty Award for Excellence in Cardiovascular Disease or Hypertension Epidemiology and Prevention from the AHA (finalist), Young Faculty Award from the SSCI, and the Featured Investigator of the LA CaTS

Dr. Yoshida is an associate editor of two clinical journals, Cardiovascular Diabetology and Endocrine Research. She has been an ad hoc grant reviewer in the NIH study section and the AHA and a journal reviewer in more than 30 scientific journals. She served as the chair for the New Roles for Sex Hormones in Regulating Metabolic Tissue Responses Symposium at the 2024 Endocrine Society's Annual Meeting. Dr. Yoshida is a member of the ADA, the Women’s Interpersonal Network of the ADA (WIN ADA), the AHA Council on Epidemiology and Prevention (AHA|EPI), and the Tulane Center of Excellence in Sex-Based Biology and Medicine.

A full list of Dr. Yoshida's publications can be found on her NCBI PubMed or Google Scholar page.


  • Diabetes epidemiology
  • Cardiometabolic disease epidemiology
  • Sex/gender-based research
  • Health disparities
  • Women’s health and well-being


Yoshida Y, Chen Z, Baudier RL, Krousel-Wood M, Anderson AH, Fonseca VA, Mauvais-Jarvis F. Early Menopause and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Women With or Without Type 2 Diabetes: A Pooled Analysis of 9,374 Postmenopausal Women. Diabetes Care. 2021 Nov;44(11):2564-2572. doi: 10.2337/dc21-1107. Epub 2021 Sep 2. PMID: 34475032; PMCID: PMC8546283.

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Yoshida Y, Chen Z, Fonseca VA, Mauvais-Jarvis F. Sex Differences in Cardiovascular Risk Associated With Prediabetes and Undiagnosed Diabetes. Am J Prev Med. 2023 Nov;65(5):854-862. doi: 10.1016/j.amepre.2023.05.011. Epub 2023 May 14. PMID: 37192710.