Family & Community Medicine Medical Students Rotations


A wide variety of medical student rotations are available in Preventive Medicine and Public Health to medical students of all years.  Tulane and non-Tulane medical students are welcome.  Tulane students will receive full elective credit.  Non-Tulane Schools can arrange to receive credit through their own institution.  All rotations fulfill Tulane MPH practicum/capstone experience requirements.  Rotations are arranged on a first come first serve basis.  Medical students are able to spend any where from 2 weeks to two months and can go to multiple sites during their rotation if they choose.  If you would like to discuss rotation options or set up a rotation please email for more information. 

Many of our Preventive Medicine residency sites are available for medical students to serve as a practicum or internship. Resident sites include:

  • Infectious Disease Epidemiology & Emergency Preparedness (OPH)
  • Environmental Health & Epidemiology (OPH)
  • Performance Improvement (VAMC-New Orleans)
  • Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA or VAMC-Alexandria)
  • Clinical Preventive Medicine
  • Communicable Diseases (OPH)
  • Adolescent Health (OPH)
  • Vaccine Preventable Diseases (OPH)
  • Public Health Administration (OPH)
  • Genetic Diseases and Lead Poisoning Prevention (OPH)
  • Community-Based Preventive Medicine (LPHI)
  • Rural and International Public Health