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Admissions ~ Medical Students

The Admissions Process


As a convenience to the applicant, Tulane University School of Medicine participates in the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). AMCAS applications are available online here.

Letters of recommendation to Tulane University School of Medicine should be submitted through the AMCAS primary application. A committee letter packet is required. A pre-health or a pre-medical committee will suffice. In the absence of a committee at your school, three recommendations are required. Two letters must be from science professors and one can be from a professional (professor/ supervisor) of your choosing. Tulane School of Medicine has joined the AMCAS Letters of Evaluations/Recommendations Service. This allows Tulane to receive all letters electronically via AMCAS and allows letter writers to send all letters to be considered by Tulane electronically by AMCAS. Tulane no longer accepts mailed, faxed or emailed letters of recommendation. There are several ways in which a letter writer may submit letters to AMCAS: VirtualEvals, Interfolio, and via U.S. Mail. In addition, letter writers may upload letters directly to AMCAS through the AMCAS Letter Writer Application. For further instructions, please visit the AMCAS site.

All applicants who have their primary application forwarded by AMCAS to Tulane Medical School will receive an e-mail notification with instructions to complete the Electronic Secondary Application and online fee payment form.  An application fee of $125, which covers the handling and processing of the application, must accompany the completed Electronic Secondary Application. The deadline for completing the Electronic Secondary Application is January 15th.

It is important that all potential applicants understand that Tulane School of Medicine receives more than 10,000 applications a year. Applicants are encouraged to submit an application with the necessary supporting documentation as early as possible.


An application is considered complete once the Tulane School of Admissions and Student Affairs has received the primary and secondary applications, application fee, MCAT score, and all letters of evaluation. Once an application is complete, the file is read by one or more members of the Admission Committee. One of two actions may result from screening. The applicant may be:


During the screening process the contents of the entire application are taken into account, but at this stage of review the greatest emphasis is placed upon an applicant's academic record and letters of evaluation. Nonetheless, experience shows that students with a broad range of coursework (both science and non-science courses), active participation in college or campus life, and a good record of community service are more likely to be invited for interviews.

The Interview

Approximately 500 applicants are invited to New Orleans and Tulane School of Medicine each year for interviews. Interviews are held from September through the end of February. Invited applicants are emailed an invitation to schedule the interview. Do not wait to schedule; the calendar is open on first come first serve. If it is necessary to reschedule an interview one may request a subsequent date, but there is no guarantee that we can accommodate due to our heavy volume. Additionally, in recognition of the cost of interviewing, Tulane School of Medicine will attempt to accommodate those applicants trying to coordinate interviews with several schools.

Interview days are typically Mondays and Fridays and last from 8:00 am until approximately 2:30 PM. Depending on availability, interviews may be held other days during the week. If available, overnight housing with a medical student can be arranged.

Applicants will be interviewed by one faculty member or administrator. All interviews with faculty members or administrators are blind and informal. The interviewer will be able to view the applicant's personal statement and secondary application if they choose to do so.

The interviewee will also participate in a "standardized patient" exercise in which they will play the role of a first year medical student interviewing a patient. Applicants will also be interviewed by a current Tulane medical student. The student interview will be in the form of a "working lunch." All interviewers will write a report about the interview and that report will become a part of the applicant's file. With the addition of the interview reports, an applicant's file is considered complete and ready for review by the Admissions Committee.

Committee Action

Typically within 4 to 6 weeks after the interview, the application goes before the full Admission Committee for evaluation. The Committee may decide to accept an applicant, place the applicant on a non-ranked "acceptance range" wait list or reject an applicant. No mathematical formula are used in making this decision and no specific guidelines are given to committee members to place particular weight upon MCAT's, GPA, or other parts of the completed application. The final decision is a subjective one, based upon the opinions of no fewer than five members of the Committee.

Acceptances are offered weekly, beginning October 1 and continuing until the class is filled. Each week, the Committee may elect to send offers of acceptance to applicants from the "acceptance range" list or to send offers of admissions only to applicants whose files have been reviewed that week.


Those applicants who receive letters of acceptance are given two weeks to either accept or decline the offer of admission to Tulane School of Medicine. Those who accept their place must electronically submit a deposit of $100. The instructions for submitting the payment can be found in the acceptance letter. The deposit must be received no later than April 30th of the year of the student's expected matriculation. Upon enrollment, this deposit is credited toward the student's tuition and is not refundable after April 30th. Therefore, applicants are advised to submit their deposit only after they have made a final decision about attending Tulane School of Medicine.

A letter of withdrawal is required if a student wishes to relinquish a reserved place in the class. An e-mail will suffice ( or the student may withdraw the application inside the Tulane Secondary Portal.

Accepted students are asked to be considerate to others in the applicant pool awaiting an acceptance. Tulane School of Medicine strongly encourages students to not hold more than one seat at a time, but recognizes that a final decision often can not be made until all information is available. In cases where an applicant is awaiting additional information before deciding upon which medical school to attend, we encourage the applicant to narrow the choice to two or three schools at most and to relinquish any additional places being held. The applicant should make decisions as information is received from the medical schools.