Mourad Zerfaoui, PhD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

School or College
School of Medicine
Mourad Zerfaoui, PhD

Education & Affiliations

University of Sciences and Technology at Annaba, Algeria, B.S., 10/1991, Biochemistry
University of Aix-Marseille I, France M.S., 09/1993, Cancer – Molecular Biology
University of Aix-Marseille I, France Ph.D., 12/1999, Cancer – Molecular Biology
University of Aix-Marseille I and Paris (Cergy Pontoise), France, Postdoctoral, 12/2005, Cancer – Molecular Biology
LSU Health Sciences Center, Department of Pharmacology, Postdoctoral, 12/2010, Inflammation – Molecular Biology


I have an extensive background in cancer research with specific training and expertise in cancer-related inflammation and signal transduction pathways, which are implicated in the modulation of cancer progression, metastasis, and DNA repair. As PI or co-Investigator on federally funded grants, I have successfully collaborated with national and international researchers and produced several peer-reviewed publications. I have published over 32 articles in peer-reviewed journals in basic and translational sciences, maintain membership in several scientific associations, and have served as an ad hoc reviewer in a number of scientific journals. I also had the chance to work with Dr. Hamid Boulares (Professor of Pharmacology at LSU Health Sciences Center) on the role of PARP-1/NF-kB in cellular trafficking and nuclear transport machinery of CRM-1. My present focus is on studying the significance of the mutant BRAFV600E localization in thyroid cancer and melanoma and how this kinase contributes to treatment resistance and poor prognosis. We are applying molecular and cell biology as well as therapeutic approaches using in vitro and in vivo mouse models in addition to human specimens.