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The Department of Surgery has an active research component.

Current Ongoing Research

Infection and Use of Antibiotics After Penetrating Abdominal Trauma

Dr. Nichols,
Dr. Slakey,

Residents: David Pointer, Matthew Zelhart
Students: Lili Schindelar

Summary: Retrospective review of single institution's use of antibiotics after penetrating trauma with hollow viscus perforation. Patient demographics, organs injured and transfused blood units will be analyzed as well as operative approach to repair, antibiotics used, duration of antibiotics and development of surgical site infection. Using this data we hope to identify risk factors for developing post operative surgical infections, determine ideal type of antibiotic and duration of use. We plan to compare our data with a series of studies published in '84-'85 by Dr. Nichols evaluating similar endpoints and apply a developed algorithm that was used to calculate probability of infection. We will apply this algorithm to our data to calculate the probability of infection in different antibiotic durations and wound closure techniques.