Clinical Molecular Genetics Lab - FLT3

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FLT3 (fma-like tyrosine kinase 3) is a receptor tyrosine kinase.  Recent studies have indicated that mutation of FLT3 leads to a worse response to standard chemotherapeutic interventions in AML.  Accordingly, identification of FLT3 mutation in patients with AML plays a role in reassessing and modifying standard treatment.  Almost all types of AML can have activating mutations in the FLT3 gene.  Mutation of the FLT3 receptor, either by internal tandem duplication (ITD) or by point mutations in the activation loop of the kinase domain (D835) causes constitutive activation of the FLT3 receptor.  The lab uses RFLP analysis to identify both the ITD and D835 mutations in the FLT3 gene.