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Pathology Laboratory Medicine Faculty

Byron E. Crawford, MD
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Professor & Interim Chair, Director of Anatomic Pathology

Philip J. Daroca, Jr., MD
Associate Professor, Surgical Pathology
Dr. Donald R. and Donna G. Pulitzer Professor of Pathology

Elizaveta Belyaeva, MD
Assistant Professor
Srikanta Dash, PhD
Professor of Pathology
Director of Hepatitis Research Laboratory

Arnaud Drouin, MD
Assistant Professor
Erik K. Flemington, PhD
Professor of Pathology
Zimmerman Professor of Cancer Research

Sarah E. Garner, MS, PA(ASCP)
Director of Pathologists’ Assistant Program
Loren Gragert PhD
Assistant Professor
Chang Han, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Sean B. Lee, PhD
Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Tulane Cancer Center, Program Member in the Genetics Program

Zhen Lin, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pathology
Krzysztof Moroz, MD
Professor, Co-Director, Biospecimen Core, Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium
Director, Cytology Laboratory; Director, Cytopathology Fellowship

Gilbert Morris, PhD
Associate Professor, Molecular/Lung Biology
Course Director for Therapeutics Seminar

Yukihiro Nakanishi, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Tim G. Peterson, MD
Assistant Professor, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Suzana Savkovic, PhD
Associate Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Tulane Cancer Center Contributing Member in the Signaling Program

Janet L. Schmid, MD
Associate Professor, Hematopathology
Director, Blood Bank and Apheresis, Director, Residency Program

John W. Scott, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Alun Wang, M.D., Ph.D.
Richard J. Reed Associate Professor
Director, Dermatopathology Fellowship

Tong Wu, MD, PhD
Marguerite Main Zimmerman Chair in Basic Cancer Research

Haitao Zhang, PhD
Assistant Professor
Tulane Cancer Center Program Member

Yucel Aydin, MD
Assistant Professor
Jinqiang Zhang, PhD