Tulane Doctors - Endocrine & Oncological Surgery

Tulane Endocrine & Oncological Surgery Division

Faculty in the Division of Surgical Oncology at Tulane University are committed to delivering comprehensive cancer care to patients with a wide variety of malignancies. This is most often done in a multidisciplinary setting where our surgeons work had in hand with other specialists to deliver the most up to date treatment for these cancers. This includes collaboration with medical and radiation oncologists, gastroenterologists, interventional radiologists and dermatologists among others. Surgeons at Tulane understand that each patient is unique and each cancer is different. Recognizing this, we work to individualize cancer care for each patient while providing the most up do date and evidence based therapies for each type of cancer.

Types of Cancers Treated

Advanced Procedures

Dr. Emad Kandil talks about removing a cancerous thyroid gland with no visible neck scar.

At Tulane, our cancer surgeons are trained in the most advanced surgical techniques and offer a number of treatments for primary and metastatic tumors. These include:

  • ~ Minimally invasive esophagectomy
  • ~Minimally invasive gastrectomy
    surgery procedure oval
  • ~Minimally invasive pancreatic surgery
  • ~Radiofrequency and microwave ablation of liver tumors
  • ~TACE and other liver directed therapy for liver tumors
  • ~Minimally invasive and robotic thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal surgery
  • ~Lymphoscintigraphy and sentinel node mapping
  • ~Future development of isolated limb infusion program for advanced melanoma and sarcoma
  • ~Future development with radiation oncology of intraoperative radiotherapy program for advanced sarcoma