Tulane Doctors ~ Surgery ~ Resident Aesthetic Clinic ~ Policies

Consultation Fee

There is a one time consultation fee of $75 that must be paid in cash at the time of the initial visit. At this visit, you will meet with one of our senior Plastic Surgery Residents and receive an individualized assessment of your aesthetic needs. Surgical options and suitability for surgery will be discussed. This fee is non refundable and may not be applied towards the surgery fees. Patients will not be charged this fee if they are seen again.


Patients may not request that a particular staff be present at their surgery since their surgery is performed by the resident. Residents are only able to operate three to four days a month. We will try to schedule your surgery as soon as possible, but there will be instances where it may be several weeks before your surgery will take place.

Surgery Fees

The cost of surgery is not given over the phone. Each surgery is tailored specifically for each patient and their particular problem. We would like to evaluate you in our clinic and decided together what needs to be done before giving you a price quote. Our surgery fees are significantly less than others because of the teaching nature of this clinic. There is a nominal surgeon’s fee. The rest of the fee covers use of the hospital and anesthetic.

Additional Fees

If you are scheduled for surgery there are other fees that may have to be paid which are not included in the surgery fee. The price for additional lab work that may be necessary for pre-operative evaluation is not included in the surgery fee. Garments for tummy tucks and liposuction will also have to be purchased and is a separate fee in addition to the surgery fee.

Payment Options

Only cash or a cashier’s check are accepted. Unfortunately, we do not have the capability to accept credit cards. Also we do not offer any payment plans and do not accept personal checks.

Surgery fee: Payment must be made in full during the pre-operative appointment.