Tulane Doctors - TCARD ~ About Us


Logo-Tulane Center for Autism and Related DisordersAt TCARD, the entire family is heard and respected. We understand that being a brother, sister, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, spouse, or friend to an individual on the Autism Spectrum can be very rewarding but also challenging at times. We are here for the entire support system of an individual with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

TCARD is dedicated to providing not just patient-centered care, but family-centered care. We aim to engage patients in the development of a well-conceived treatment plan that considers the medical, social, and cultural needs of the individual with ASD and the family. Families managing ASD want to know what is going to happen—pilots do not take off without a flight plan and architects do not break ground without a blueprint—but all too often, families are not given a written treatment plan for managing and improving their child’s ASD symptoms.

After receiving a diagnosis at TCARD, each family is provided with individualized treatment recommendations for the child and family. TCARD staff are available for on-going consultation long after the feedback appointment, when new questions and issues arise for families in the treatment process.

TCARD Vision

The vision of TCARD is to revolutionize the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders by creating a family-centered model of treatment where families actively participate in the individualized and comprehensive care of their child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

TCARD Mission

TCARD is dedicated to providing quality multidisciplinary diagnostic services, treatment, family support, and research data for individuals with Autism and related disorders.

TCARD History

TCARD was officially opened in October 2012 thanks to a grant from the Institute of Mental Hygiene. We began by providing diagnostic evaluations and treatment planning services in the pediatric specialty clinic at Tulane Hospital. We were operating with a Family Navigator and Psychologist in the hospital system. In July 2013 we moved to our current location in one of the School of Medicine buildings. This move allowed us to serve more families and expand services. In 2014, we began operating with a Psychologist, Family Navigator, Social Worker, and Psychology Intern, which allowed us to provide social skills groups in addition to our diagnostic evaluations.

In 2015, a neuropsychologist was added to our team. In Summer 2015, we are very excited to be expanding the services that we can provide by offering Applied Behavior Analysis services.