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FREE monthly Prostate Cancer Screening program. Held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Tulane Cancer Center.

robotic prostatectomyRobotic Prostatectomy

Besides drastically decreasing pain and blood loss, the robotic prostatectomy greatly enhances the technical aspects of the procedure because the surgeon has the option of up to 10x magnification which greatly facilitates the nerve-sparing option which is now preferred in most patients who have early diagnosis of prostate cancer. The surgeons on the Tulane Urology robotic team not only provide this state-of-the-art option here in New Orleans but also have traveled extensively to teach this new art of surgery in several states around the country.


kidney stonesKidney Stones

Lithotripsy - Non invasive treatment of kidney stones using shock waves to break up kidney stones in order for them to be passed during urination.

Endourology - Minimally invasive approach to treating kidney stones and urinary tract obstructions or disorders using several options or methods of treatment.


scientist at microscopeAndrology and Fertility

Tulane Urology's Andrology and Fertility Lab and Clinic conduct research projects focused on oxidative stress response elements and signal transduction mechanisms related to Andrological issues in males especially related to bioenvironmental toxicology, infertility, aging, sexual dysfunction and prostate tumorgenesis employing specific in-vivo and in-vitro models.

Our faculty also have expertise in clinical diagnosis of vascular impotence using Doppler Ultrasound; manual and CASA semen analysis; assisted reproductive techniques in Andrology/Fertility.

Tulane Urology also specializes in:

Andrology and Fertility
Endourology, Lithotripsy and Laparoscopy
Female Urology and Urodynamics
Urologic Oncology
Sexual Dysfunction 

Please call 504-988-2536 to schedule an appointment with Tulane Urology. Tulane Department of Urology at Tulane Hospital and Clinic is a full service Urologic facility.

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