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Specialized services available through Tulane Dermatology include:

Mole Mapping

A painless, noninvasive tool used to track changes in moles, as well as early detection of melanoma.

Phototherapy Unit (PUVA, UVB and UVA scalp units) for the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo and alopecia

The Phototherapy Treatment Center utilizes advanced phototherapy techniques to offer effective treatment for psoriasis on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

The Phototherapy Center has Narrow band UVB machines, UVA light machines as well as Narrow band UVB scalp units. Individualized treatment and counseling are provided for patients suffering from various stages of psoriasis and other related diseases, using a team approach. The center treats other related dermatological problems such as vitiligo (loss of skin color), Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma, pruritus (intense itching) and alopecia (loss of hair).


Photopheresis Unit for the treatment of T-cell lymphoma, and other disorders currently under investigation, such as grafts vs host disease

The Photopheresis Unit uses photosensitizing chemicals referred to as psoralens and UVA light to treat the blood of individuals affected with certain skin disorders. This unique therapeutic treatment option is used to treat the blood of patients with certain cancers of the skin such as Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma and other disorders such as Graft vs Host Disease. The blood circulates through a computerized pheresis unit which alters the abnormal cells in the body as they circulate from the skin to the blood. Once altered, the abnormal cells are returned to the patient, resulting in upregulation of the patient's immune system.

Tulane University Health Sciences Center has the only photopheresis units within a 2 state radius.