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Aetna Better Health

Eligibility for Care/Case manager: Pregnant OR Special or Serious healthcare needs OR medical conditions

Care management details: Patient is assigned an RN or Licensed Mental Health Professional to learn more about the patient's condition, CM will work with patient's provider/agency to make sure patient is the getting right services and devise a care plan with patient.

Pregnant Enrollees Programs: Promise Program encourages pregnant enrollees to make early and frequent prenatal and post-natal visits. The program will include case management, text4babySM, and Promise program rewards. Dedicated Case Managers educate pregnant members about local community programs. Participants will receive personalized text4baby messages during pregnancy and after the baby is born to remind them of appointments and provide education on topics such as the baby’s growth, development, nutrition, well-child visits, and immunizations. The Promise Program will also provide coverage of long-acting contraception.

Reward Programs/Incentives for attending appointments:  Promise Reward Program-

  • You can earn a $50 gift card when you complete a Notice of Pregnancy Form
  • You’ll earn your first $25 gift card when you visit your doctor within the first 6 weeks of pregnancy. If you are a new enrollee, you must visit your doctor within 42 days of enrolling with our plan.
  • Each prenatal visit after your first visit, you’ll earn a $10 gift card when you visit your doctor.
  • You’ll earn a $50 gift card when you complete your postpartum visit. This visit must be within 21 to 56 days after your baby is born.
  • You will also learn about family planning or long-acting contraceptive.
  • Free circumcision for newborn boys.
  • Sign up for Text4babyTM –   this free text service sends you health tips and reminders throughout your pregnancy.

Transportation: Yes; 1-877-917-4150   (3 days prior)

Mental Health/Substance Use Crisis Line- 855-242-0802

Member Services:  855-242-0802

Website:  https://www.aetnabetterhealth.com/louisiana/members/handbook

NOTES: 1-855-242-0802 to request CM services.  $25 per month over the counter medicine and products.   Promise Reward Program-earn gift card before and after birth of child.  Promise reward gifts for attending appointments such as breast pumps, cribs, strollers. Refer to WIC for nutrition support and breast pumps. 

AmeriHealth Caritas of Louisiana

Eligibility for care/case manager: Call 888-643-0005 or 888-756-0004 to see if eligible for services

Care management details: For special medical conditions.  Rapid Response Team/888-643-0005

Pregnant Enrollees Programs Bright Start Program

  • Bright Start Program- 888-913-0327 for Pregnant Members (provide information on transportation, food, clothing, quitting smoking, WIC program information, mental health issues, substance use. Rapid Response Outreach Team-888-643-0005-Special Medical Conditions.

Reward Program/Incentives for attending appointments:  Health Care Reward Program- Patient can earn rewards by doing things that help the patient stay healthy as part of our Heath Care Rewards program. Funds can be placed on our reloadable AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana CARE Card

  • $10 for completing plan’s Health Assessment
  • .$20 for members over 21 who get a primary care provider (PCP) visit in the first 90 days.
  • $15 for six well visits from birth – 15 months.
  • $15 for annual well visits for children ages 2 – 11.
  • $25 for annual well visits for children ages 12 – 20.
  • $10 for breast cancer screening for eligible members.
  • $10 for cervical cancer screening for eligible members.
  • $10 for a flu shot.
  • $50 for prenatal visit in your first trimester of pregnancy.
  • $50 for postpartum visit.
  • $25 for completing Notice of Pregnancy form in your first trimester

Transportation: 1-888-913-0364

Mental Health/Substance Use Crisis Line:  844-211-0971

Member Services:  888-756-0004

Website:  https://www.amerihealthcaritasla.com/member/eng/getting-started/index.aspx

NOTES:  Refer to WIC for nutrition support and breast pumps.

Healthy Blue

Eligibility for care/case manager:  Call Member Services

Case management details: Licensed Nurse assist with managing patient condition by locating providers and resources.  Assessing the patient's healthcare needs.  Developing a plan of care.  Giving the patient and family the information and training needed to make informed decisions and choices . Giving providers the information they need about any changes in health to help them in planning, delivering and monitoring services.  Case Manager will follow up with patient within 72 hours of discharge for a behavioral health-related diagnosis.  Provides aftercare planning for members prior to discharge from a 24-hour facility for behavioral healthcare.

Pregnant Enrollee Programs:  New Baby, New Life Program for pregnant and postpartum women

Reward Programs/Incentives:  New Baby, New Life Program and My Advocate Program

New Baby, New Life Program

  • $25 for pregnant members and new moms with our New Baby, New Life Program who go to a prenatal visit in their first trimester or within the first 42 days of enrollment-
  • $50 for new moms for going to their postpartum visit 21-56 days after delivery.
  • Free portable crib or infant car seat for going to seven or more prenatal doctor visits.

My Advocate Program

  • My Advocate™ — a program for eligible pregnant members to get tips on how to have a healthy pregnancy.
  • Eligible new moms will also get tips on caring for her new baby.
  • In-home postpartum visits for new moms unable to get to the doctor office.
  • Family planning kit to help have a healthy pregnancy when ready.  Kit includes condoms, pregnancy test, prenatal vitamins and more..
  • Circumcisions for boys

Community Events

  • Free community baby showers
  • Community health educators
  • Community diaper drives

Transportation:  866-430-1101 (48 hrs prior to appointment)

Mental Health/Substance Use Crisis Line:  844-812-2280

Member Services:  844-521-6941


NOTES: Refer to WIC for nutrition support and breast pumps.

Louisiana Healthcare Connections

Eligibility for care/case manager: Perinatal support or Special healthcare needs

Care management details: One on one care with a RN or LSW. Individualized plan of care

Pregnant Enrollee ProgramsStart Smart for Your Baby® (Start Smart) Program is a special program for women who are pregnant.  Start Smart staff can answer questions if  enrollee is having a problem. or arrange for a home visit if needed.

  • Start Smart Pregnancy App- Personalized milestones, Reminders and issues list, Weight tracking, 24/7 free nurse advice and Member information

Reward Programs/Incentives for pregnant women:  My Health Pays Rewards Program-Pregnant and postpartum women earn rewards by completing prenatal and postpartum visits and screens.

  • $30 Complete Notification of Pregnancy Form
  • $10 Prenatal Pregnancy Visits (each visit, up to 11 visits)
  • $50 Postpartum Doctor Visits (up to eight weeks after delivery)

Transportation: 1-855-369-3723

Mental Health/Substance Use Crisis Line:  844-677-7553

Member Services:  866-595-8133

Website:  http://www.louisianahealthconnect.com/

NOTES: Healthy Rewards for attending appointments.  Language/interpreter services

United Healthcare Community Plan

Eligibility for care/case manager: Perinatal OR Long-term conditions

Care management details: Personal help managing health conditions

Reward Programs/Incentives:  Healthy First Steps Program and Baby Block Program

  • Healthy First Steps Program for pregnant members to assist with information and resources to help ensure a healthy pregnancy (nutritional advice, transportation to doctor's appointments, and supplies for new moms at 877-813-3417.  For pregnant women and new mothers. Members can receive eight (8) incentives for achieving health care goals during the 24-month pregnant and postpartum program.
  • Baby Block Program-appointment reminders and rewards for pregnant members who complete recommended prenatal care at 800-599-5985.Every 3 months you'll receive $270 in credits to order health products through the First Line catalog. The mail order products will be delivered directly at no extra cost.  A baby care and healthy pregnancies resource that promotes the safety, health and well-being of babies and mothers is provided to pregnant women and new mothers.

Transportation: 866-726-1472 (Call 2 business days before appointment)

Mental Health/Substance Use Crisis Line:  866-675-1607

Member Services:  866-675-1607


NOTES:  Language/interpreter services are available.  For Special Needs Population call 800-318-8821 for services which includes pregnant women and women who just gave birth, homeless adults, etc.  Services include a case manager, specialist as needed, and a special needs coordinator.  Healthy Rewards for attending appointments.   Behavioral Health Services 800-888-1965.