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illustration of brain with tumorBrain Tumor Program

Brain tumors, both primary (from the brain itself) and metastatic (from other areas of the body), are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality.  Up to 40% of patients with cancer will develop a metastatic lesion representing more than 150,000 cases in the United States each year. 

We have a mutlidisciplinary team dedicated to treating patients with brain tumors.  Examples of some of the conditions in which we have expertise include:

  • Primary Brain Tumors
    • Meningiomas
    • Glioblastoma
    • Low grade gliomas (astrocytomas, oligendrogliomas, and ependymomas)
    • Pituitary tumors
    • Pineal region tumors
    • Medulloblastoma
    • Tumors of the peripheral nervous system both malignant and benign
  • Metastatic Brain Tumors

Our team is capable of offering comprehensive evaluation with advanced neurological imaging techniques and treatment including observation and serial imaging, chemotherapy, open microsurgery, awake craniotomy, neurophysiological monitoring, intraoperative ultrasound and stereotactic radiosurgery or other radiation treatments.