Tulane Center for Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine

The Tulane Center for Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine (CSCRRM) was formed in July of 2000.  The major aim of the Center is to develop new therapies for a series of common diseases that include stroke, breast cancer and multiple sclerosis. 

Other research interests include tissue regeneration and wound healing.  The primary strategy of the Center is to use adult stem cells that can easily be obtained from a patient and then used for therapy of the same patient. The Center develops commercial applications of regenerative medicine with an emphasis on commercial developments within the State of Louisiana.

“The research focus has broadened to include investigators who represent all of the Tulane campuses, multiple departments and programs within the Medical School, as well as the Biomedical Engineering program, the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering program and the Tulane National Primate Research Center.  My goal is to make our center a scientific resource not only for Tulane, but also for the greater New Orleans area and the state of Louisiana.”